The Pacaya Samiria National Park is known as one of the most beautiful areas in all of Peru. On this expedition, our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience by showing you the spectacular diversity of nature and wildlife in the area as well as teach you about the history of the region. We will begin this journey by making our way to the national park with an exciting 12 hour boat ride to Lagunas which is located right next to Pacaya Samiria. When we arrive in the park we will have the opportunity to see friar monkeys, birds, and other wildlife unique to the area. Throughout our excursion we will eat traditional meals that are sure to delight, enjoy jungle stories around bonfires, and take adventurous canoe rides down gorgeous rivers. If you are looking for a great way to see northern Peru and experience its amazing beauty first hand, the Pacaya Samiria Tour is absolutely for you!

DEPARTURE LOCATION The city of Tarapoto.
RETURN LOCATION The city of Tarapoto.
REQUIREMENTS This tour requires a minimum of 2 people.
COST 200 S/ per person per day.
SCHEDULE See the “Itinerary” tab.


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Day 1

Tarapoto – Yurimaguas

Our qualified staff will be waiting for you when you arrive in Tarapoto. When you are ready to leave, we will drive 2.5 hours to the city of Yurimaguas. When we arrive in Yurimaguas, we will eat dinner and spend the night at the selected hotel in the city.
Day 2

Yurimaguas - Lagunas

We will leave this morning at 7 am and begin our adventure sailing along the Huallaga river for approximately 6 hours to the native community of Lagunas. Upon arrival, we will move to a hostel and get settled in before eating lunch. After we eat our traditional lunch, we will meet our guides and spend the afternoon getting to know one another. In the evening, we will eat another traditional meal and stay the night in Lagunas.
Day 3

Lagunas – Posa Gloria

We will begin our third day with an adventure in first part of the Pacaya Samiria park. We will use a motorcycle taxi as transportation for 40 minutes and then transfer to rustic boats for the rest of the expedition. During our tour, we will enjoy the lush Amazon rainforest and may even see some great wildlife including dolphins, monkeys, macaws, anacondas and more.
Day 4

Posa gloria – Camotado

Today we start our exploration with short walks and then use the rivers as means of transportation with rustic boats. Our guides will teach us about the nature and wildlife in the area including medicinal plants that have been used for hundreds of years by the native communities of the region. The information that will learn on this day is a wonderful way to better understand the importance of the protected areas of Peru.
Day 5

Camotado – Pateon

We begin day five of our expedition very early and spend the day hiking and boating along the rivers as we enjoy bird watching, fishing, turtle watching, and dolphin watching.
Day 6

Panteón – Camotado

Today is another great day in the reserve spent exploring the nature and observing the wildlife with our expert guide. We will make our way to the small village of Comotado and spend the night there.
Day 7

Camotado - Lagunas

This day we leave the Pacaya Samiria park and moved to the native community of Lagunas. Here we will have our last dinner with our guides and spend the night in the hostel.
Day 8

Lagunas – Yurimaguas - Tarapoto

We will wake up early at 4:00 am and make our way to Yurimaguas by boat. When we arrive in Yurimaguas, we will then take a car to Tarapoto and end our tour.
Pacaya Samiria Tour with Amazon Expedition