The Gran Vilaya Trek is certain to impress and leave you with memories that you will never forget. In this trek, we will explore the grounds of the famous Karajía sarcophagi, visit the archaeological site of Pirquilla, meet the locals of small rural villages, eat traditional meals, ride horses, visit the historic walled fortress of Kuelap, and enjoy hours upon hours of incredibly scenic views along the way. You will see some of the most beautiful landscapes that northern Peru has to offer while visiting some of the most historically important sites in the Amazonas region. The combination of beautiful views, cultural immersion, and time frame make this trek one of the most recommended treks in northern Peru.

DEPARTURE LOCATION The Amazon Expedition office in Chachapoyas
RETURN LOACTION The Amazon Expedition office in Chachapoyas
DEPARTURE TIME Early in the morning on your first day.
RETURN TIME Late in the evening on your last day.
BRING Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, a large water bottle, hat, jacket, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

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Day 1

Chachapoyas - Karajía - Huaylla Belén

We begin our trek in the city of Chachapoyas. We will leave the city early in the morning and take a private vehicle to Cruz Pata. When we arrive in Cruz Pata, we will take a short 1 km walk to the sarcophagi of Karajia. Our professional guide will show us around the unique archaeological site and teach us about the Chachapoya culture and how the burial grounds were used. After our tour is finished, we will return to our vehicle and drive for one hour until we reach Huaylla Belén. When we arrive in Huaylla Belén, we will have the evening to relax, eat a tasty traditional dinner, and get some sleep.
Day 2

Huaylla Belén - Congón

We will wake up and eat breakfast in Huaylla Belén before beginning our 15 km trek to Congón. The trek takes approximately 6 hours and contains excellent views of the surrounding area. We will visit the pre-Incan archaeological site of Pirquilla during the day and arrive in the village of Congón early in the evening. When we arrive in the village, we will have time to relax and recap the day as we meet our local host family, eat dinner, and spend the night in the local family’s home. This is truly a great way to experience the Andean culture of northern Peru!
Day 3

Congón - María

Today consists of a 20 km horseback ride that will last approximately 7 hours and take us to the highest point of our trip. This day is quite relaxing as we stroll through the beautiful Andes of northern Peru and have an opportunity to observe the stunning views of mountains, wildlife, and vegetation that this region has to offer. When we reach the highest point of our trip, we will have a vehicle waiting for us to take us to the village of María. When we arrive in María we will feast on a traditional meal and then spend the night in a local hostel.
Day 4

María - Kuelap - Chachapoyas

We will wake up early this morning and enjoy a delicious breakfast together.  After eating breakfast, we will drive 20 minutes to the welcome center of the Kuelap fortress.  Here, we will leave our vehicle and begin a 2 km walk up to the main archaeological site of the pre-Incan fortress called Kuelap.  We will spend a few hours exploring the area with our professional guide and learn about the history and customs of the Chachapoya people. Following the tour, we will return to the town of María where we will eat a great traditional lunch. When we are finished with our meals, we will return to Chachapoyas in a private van and conclude the Gran Vilaya trek.