Our Northern Peru Treks take you through some of the most beautiful scenery of the region on the best hiking trails in northern Peru! These adventure treks are designed for people who are in good physical shape, love to trek through different types of terrain, and want to take in the rich cultural and ecological diversity of the country. With our multi-day Northern Peru Treks listed below, you have the opportunity to see unique sites such as the great Capac Ñan Inca trail, the breathtaking Gran Vilaya, the beautiful Laguna de Los Cóndores, the Kuelap fortress, and much more! Our professional guides are native to the area and take great pride in the natural and historical significance of the land. They will hike with you every day and teach you about the rich geographic and cultural history of what you see along the way. Join us on these epic journeys and experience what it is like to hike in the Andes mountains, ride horses through the countryside, witness the diversity of wildlife in the Amazonas region, and canoe across breathtaking lakes!

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Laguna de Los Condores Trek with Amazon Expedition


Explore the diverse landscape of the Andes mountains! The Laguna de Los Condores trek is one of our most popular treks and undoubtedly an amazing way to experience the pristine beauty of northern Peru like never before! This trek gives you the opportunity to observe and experience multiple types of
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Trek through the beautiful landscape of northern Peru! The Gran Vilaya Trek is certain to impress and leave you with memories that you will never forget. In this trek, we will explore the grounds of the famous Karajía sarcophagi, visit the archaeological site of Pirquilla, meet the locals of small
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Experience the vast Incan empire! Prepare yourself for a beautiful trek around northern Peru! The Inca Trail Trek will provide you with an unforgettable time in Peru because it offers a great mixture of pre-Incan archeological sites, pre-Hispanic paths, and small villages from the colonial era.
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