Amazon Expedition is a tour agency located in Chachapoyas, Peru. We specialize in adventure, culture, and ecoturism with the goal of creating exciting expeditions for our guests.  With years of experience, we are a team of professionals who love to serve you and make your trip to Peru an experience filled with unforgettable memories. Our objective is more than just showing you the treasures of the country; we want to ensure that you truly understand the places you visit and become enriched by your experiences.

We offer a high-quality service in partnership with local operators who are responsible in ecological, social, and economic sustainability. We provide our services for individuals, groups, organizations, and families.

Our staff at Amazon Expedition is made of tourism professionals, guides, and men of the land working together full time with trusted tour operators. We give a great deal of attention to every detail in the trips we plan to make sure they fully meet the expectations of each client.

Manual Mendoza Mas Amazon Expedition

A Note from Manuel Mendoza Mas – Director of Amazon Expedition

Hello! After traveling for more than eight years throughought all of Peru, my vision is to be a leader in innovation and quality of tourist services. I love this country and want to share my passions with all of my clients. With the development of sustainability policies, I work to promote sustainable tourism in the destinations where Amazon Expedition operates in order to minimize the actions that can generate climate change. In addition to protecting the environment while showing clients the beauty of Peru, I also work to ensure the wellbeing of our culture, employees, customers, and suppliers.


Our Mission at Amazon Expedition

Our mission is to offer safe, entertaining, educational, and exciting tours that satisfy the needs and desires of our clients while protecting the surrounding landscape and providing economic stability to the Chachapoyas community. As a company that believes in success, we invest in the skills of our personnel, the continuing improvement of our methods, and the social and economic development of the region.

Our Core Values at Amazon Expedition

  • Be Leaders. We practice leadership based on trust. We recognize the value of each person and we encourage the participation and exchange of different ideas and perspectives. Our leaders encourage a working environment in which people’s dignity, happiness, and emotions are all taken into account.
  • Work With Integrity. We have the duty to do things right from the start, to be honest with our clients and transparent with the management of our operations.
  • Ensure Everything is Ethical. Our conduct is honest and dignified. We comply with all regulations established by the state.
  • Show Respect. Day to day mutual respect is a priority for our clients, friends, and colleagues. We believe respect for human dignity and the workplace create an environment of integral harmony.
  • Be Competitive. We are always looking for ways to be more efficient, effective, and productive in each one of our activities in order to break into the market of the north Amazon and expand ourselves in the long term throughout the whole country.
  • Be Responsible. We all work towards the achievement of our company’s objectives. We take on the consequences of our decisions and actions. We are committed to excellence.